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We are not even sure where to start with this amazing day at Assiniboine Park and Patricias Ballroom. As soon as we met Carrie & Brad to discuss engagement and wedding photos you could tell their wedding was going to be a day full of fun and good vibes. They are both very caring and passionate about each other and life and instantly we knew we wanted to share in their day. Their whole day has been very memorable and we feel honored to have been apart of it to capture the special moments.

The day was a wonderful sunny day full of laughs and tender moments. Here are a collection of our favourites from their wedding. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your amazing day. We wish you both a life of love and happiness together. xo

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Oneonta Gorge, Oregon https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/3/oneonta-gorge This hike in the Oneonta Gorge was definitely one of a kind. It was not your usual dirt or rock path... it was a creekbed. In the info we found before we made our trip to Oregon we were warned that you would get significantly wet on this hike. They were not lying in the least! By the end we were soaked up to our armpits... and this was not warm tropical water! This was ice cold, limb numbing, scream inducing cold!! But it was so worth it and another spot we would highly recommend for the experience and views! 


In this map(below) the actual marked Oneonta Gorge Hike(not the creekbed) is in purple. We didn't have time to do this part of the hike but it looks like it would be a beautiful experience as well. We ended up hiking up the actual Oneonta Gorge. At some times of the year there is so much water running through that you would not be able to hike up the actual creek bed/gorge(which you will notice on the map at the intersection to Triple Falls and Ponytail Falls). Oneonta Creek has cut down through a series of Columbia River Basalt lava layers by following a fault line carving out the beautiful gorge you will see in the following pictures. You enter the Gorge with a set of stairs located on the side of the Historic Columbia River Hwy. It is not well marked but if you know where to look it is its not too difficult to find. 


** as a side note...you will also notice on the map Interstate 84... it is insane! The speeds people travel on it is absolutely nuts... but after a day we got used to it and were able to keep up with the traffic! It heads into Portland and is a busy stretch of Highway. The Historic Columbia River Highway is also busy but much slower because most people traveling it are there to go hiking or sightseeing.


We woke up that morning in Wyatt Campground just off of Interstate 84 and were super excited to get started on our hike down the Gorge! We started off with a perfect road trip breakfast... PB and Honey sandwiches and sliced apples! We listened to a train traveling through the Columbia Gorge.. it seemed like it was the 100th one we had heard in our few days in this area. The trains in the area can seem very loud since the walls of the Columbia Gorge cause the the sound of the trains to be amplified... and it took a few nights to get used to it. No word of a lie the trains seem to run every 30mins!! lol  With breakfast being finished we packed up Pearl(van) and headed out for the trailhead.



Oneonta Map

Of course we were up at the crack of dawn being still on Manitoba time, which meant we were the first ones on the trail.  We headed down the stairs and it opened up into the creek bed and at this point it was quite shallow and wide! Not even close to the things we had read about getting soaking wet and we both commented that maybe the literature was referring to a different time of year. Lol Little did we know we were wrong! There was much deeper water ahead!

Near the beginning of the Oneonta Gorge there is a pretty impressive logjam... the pictures really don't do it justice. It was a little treacherous with all the logs being quite damp and slippery. It looked like a perfect ankle and leg breaking spot.. Thankfully no injuries were incurred by either of us! On the other side of the logjam it opened up into a beautiful narrow canyon... with moss and ferns covering the walls. The whole Columbia Gorge area is amazingly lush and green... and is truly breathtaking! The Oneonta Gorge is just one small section of this amazing area.

It was around this area that we came across a deeper section of water. It was still only knee deep but boy was it chilly...we couldn't feel anything from about the knees down. Again comments were tossed back and forth between us that if this was the worst of it then it really was not that bad. Keeping our fingers crossed that it would be shallow the whole way and we continued on. Still being the only ones in the gorge it was wonderfully peaceful and beautiful. The day had started off cloudy with a bit of rain but while we hiked up the gorge we started to notice it was clearing off and the rain had stopped. The hike itself is not overly long and if you didn't stop at all it would probably be less then an hour start to finish but we took our time to just take in the beauty of it and snap tons of pictures. We came across a very slow moving snake which was most likely due to the fact that it was still quite chilly down at the bottom of the gorge. 

At this point in the hike we figured we were getting close to the end of the gorge since we could quite clearly hear the falls. We were getting excited! We notice some deeper water(you will see it in the pictures below) and at first it didn't look too bad! Boy were we wrong and would soon discover that... as we waded in we realized that it just kept getting deeper and deeper! At about waist deep and not able to feel anything below our waists we decided to turn back and re evaluate the situation. Our biggest concern was of course of the camera equipment! **water and cameras do not mix well but more about that in the blog of the Oregon coast lol ** So we decided that our best plan of action was to carry our camera backpacks above our heads on the chance that the water kept getting deeper. So we jumped in for a 2nd go and discovered very quickly that the water was indeed very deep and our decision to carry the cameras was a very good idea! At the deepest spot the water was almost to my neck and Todds armpits! It was breathtakingly cold and we literally could not feel anything from our armpits down. Had it been much deeper I(Danielle) would have been swimming... as it was because the bottom is all smooth rocks it makes it a bit hard to get good traction and we both thought for sure one of us was going to loose our footing! But thankfully we made it through being just a bit more wet and cold then before. There are no pictures of us up to our necks so you will just have to take our word for it! or just go hike it yourself and you can experience it yourself.

We were both a tad cold at this point but soon forgot all about that when we first laid eyes on the falls! So beautiful and awe inspiring! Its really hard to put into words the thoughts one has when standing in a place like this... the moss and ferns with a beautiful little waterfall makes it feel magical! It makes you feel like an explorer that has just discovered a hidden place no one has ever seen before.. well one can dream anyways! lol

We spent quite a bit of time taking pictures and just enjoying the scenery. There were lots of little rock towers that had been created by the many people that have hiked the gorge. It added a really cool feeling to the place and we made one ourselves. Eventually we decided we had to head back... 

And so we plunged back into the neck deep water and headed back for the trailhead and Pearl. Looking forward to getting out of our wet clothes and warming up! On the return hike we came across this cute little guy just hanging out on the gorge walls. He looked pretty happy in the way that salamanders look happy! lol Or at least we imagined him to be happy and having a nap. These are the sort of thoughts one has on road trips when you are out of civilization for only a few days! That and talking to trees!

Here we are at the end of the hike both looking super happy and a little wet. And one last glimpse of the falls. We hope you enjoyed traveling through the Oneonta Gorge with us and it inspires you to check it out yourself. We loved every minute of this hike and highly recommend this hike to any brave souls ready for a little adventure and not afraid of a bit of cold water! Happy Adventuring!

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Mount Hood & Tamanawas Falls, Oregon https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/1/mount-hood-tamanawas-falls-oregon We woke up very early on the 4th morning of our trip to more rain(which again made hiking to some of the waterfalls in the Gorge a bit dangerous especially the Oneonta Falls Hike-next blog!). We were still camping in the Columbia Gorge area and figured it was a good day to venture a bit south of the Gorge into the Mt. Hood area... which as you will see from the pictures is spectacular!! We had a good camping breakfast of oatmeal and fruit and packed up Pearl and headed out on the road. As soon as we were out of the Columbia Gorge area and around the south side of Mt Hood it completely cleared off and was beautifully sunny. The temperature was quite a bit chillier on this side of the mountain so we donned our tuques and mitts and headed out on the Tamanawas Falls Trail(3.6 miles round trip). I know we always claim every spot is beautiful and amazing... but honestly this trail by far is one of the more beautiful hikes we have done and was absolutely gorgeous! ** Definitely mark this one on the Bucketlist!! The first part of the trail wound along the side of some pretty steep terrain and slowly made its way up the side of the hill. The whole area is quite hilly and steep. We could hear the stream not long after we started the trail but didn't actually see it for about 20min. Eventually the trail went back down the other side of the hill and we came out at the creek. There was a little bridge to get across to the other side and then you headed off towards the falls following the creek the rest of the way. This part of the trail started climbing again while continuing to follow the creek. At points the trail was quite high above the creek but you could always hear it and we found the sounds of the creek quite calming and beautiful. Because we were still on Manitoba time and up at the crack of dawn it was quite early when we ended up on the trail and we were the first and only ones for most of the hike. We met up with a few other groups, one was a group of 8 retirees who seemed to be having quite a great time and were laughing and joking. The other group was a couple with their approx 2-3 year old son. We were so happy to see parents instilling a love of hiking and nature in him at such a young age... and he was doing quite well and seemed very happy. Eventually we arrived at the falls and it was breathtaking! Pictures don't do it justice in our opinion but hopefully our pictures capture enough of it to inspire you to hike there and see it in person. We took a video of it and hopefully I can get it posted one day... the thundering of the water is hard to describe. The power of water always amazes me! By this point it had started to warm up and Todd was finally awake(because as most know- Todd is not a morning person!! Thankfully he was awake enough to hike on his own and didn't have to be carried! lol :)). We headed back to the van(Pearl) to have lunch and continued on to Trillium Lake. 

We arrived at Trillium Lake early in the afternoon. There were some clouds in the sky which obscured full views of Mt Hood but we still caught glimpses of it through breaks in the clouds. It was a beautiful afternoon there and I(Danielle) was super excited to see a couple of Whiskey Jacks(one of my favorite birds) and a salamander. It was definitely a high light in the day for me. There were quite a few people enjoying the day at Trillium Lake and many were fishing along the shores. It was getting late in the day so we decided to continue on back to the Columbia Gorge.

We travelled west through Rhododendron and Sandy, Oregon. This was a beautiful drive and we stopped in Rhododendron at a cute little coffee shop called Mt. Hood Roasters. This place had the best Mocha Todd had ever tasted and all I heard about for the rest of the trip(10ish days) was how amazing this Mocha was!! Pretty sure Todd would drive back to Oregon just so he could go to Mt Hood Roasters again!! :) The Chai Latte I had was also amazing! Highly recommend stopping here if you are ever in the Mt. Hood area... it is just a tiny little place but so cool. The lady that owns it roasts her own coffee beans on site and while we were waiting for our drinks she chatted with us while she was roasting the next batch. It was so neat!! It was the perfect end to an absolutely amazing day! Hope our pictures capture the beauty of this area and that you definitely mark this spot on your travel list. Cheers and Happy Travels!

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Portland & The Japanese Garden, Oregon https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/1/portland-the-japanese-garden-oregon The second installment of our Oregon Trip takes us to Portland Oregon.  This was the 3rd day of our trip and we awoke very early on the morning of Sept 6th, 2016 to find it was pouring rain. Which should be expected considering we were van camping just outside of Portland Oregon in the Columbia Gorge which is a temperate rain forest. You will understand that after looking through the photos... everything out there is so lush and green! It was amazing! Our plan that day was to have been checking out all the waterfalls along the Scenic Highway just east of Portland (this will be another blog!!) But waking up to pouring rain we decided to drive into Portland and check out the city and stop at the Portland Japanese Garden. First things first that day was having a nice warm shower at the campground... we didn't know when we might see another shower!! This is the one challenge when living out of a van... After that the rain had still not let up and we were Portland bound in our trusty Pearl(van).  

Portland is an amazing city! We could not get over how many people bike and how well the city was set up for cycling. It was quite neat to see and hopefully one day to see more of here in Canada, specifically Manitoba. Most of our time was spent on the west side of Portland in the Beaverton/Hillside/Downtown area. It seemed to be a fairly easy city to get around in and I(Danielle) was nominated to be the map reader and navigator and  may have only gotten us lost once which is pretty good since Portland is a pretty busy place!! The only part of Portland that was hard for me(Danielle) was the amount of people... being an introvert anywhere with more then one person seems busy! But seeing the amazing architecture and gardens made it all worth it. Would be nice to someday spend a bit more time here and explore more of the city and some of the neat little shops and cafes. 

On to The Garden...The Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional Japanese garden occupying 5.5 acres, located within Washington Park in the West Hills of Portland. This quote is on the website describing the gardens...

"A Japanese Garden is not only a place for the cultivation of trees and flowering shrubs, but one that provides secluded leisure, rest, repose, meditation, and sentimental pleasure...

The Garden speaks to all the senses, not just to the mind alone."

Professor Takuma Tono
Designer of the Portland Japanese Garden

The quote certainly sums up the Garden perfectly.

It was an amazing place... photos just do not do it justice but we hope that our photos help to capture even just a bit of the feeling of the place. It was truly a peaceful space. And even though it was fairly busy it seemed calm and meditative. Below is a picture of the Heavenly Falls which is the largest in the garden. There are also numerous stone lanterns, a beautiful fish pond, Sand & Stone Garden and the Moonbridge. There is absolutely no walking off the trails but the way it is set up there is really no need to. Everything is perfectly set up to see the entire area from the paths. Definitely a place we would recommend adding to the travel list if you are ever in the Portland area.

Our day ended at the beautiful little Wyatt Campground which was back in the Columbia Gorge near the Scenic Highway. Todd was able to try out a cigar that he had purchased that day and was nominated with the task of making supper on our trusty little campstove. While I(Danielle) wondered around hugging trees and most likely talking to them (with Todd rolling his eyes behind my back). And of course taking pictures of our cute little hippie sleeping van Pearl. Pearl has been on some amazing adventures with us and hopefully she will be around for awhile yet to enjoy a few more! It was a fantastic way to end day 3 of our 2 week road trip!


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Laurence, Jen & Jacob {Family, MB} https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/12/laurence-jen-jacob Had a wonderful time with these guys celebrating Jacobs 2nd birthday! Lots of smiles all around and some wonderful shots of some beautiful moments. 


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Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve, Idaho https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/craters-of-the-moon-national-monument-preserve-idaho This is the first blog of about 5 with snap shots of our recent trip out to Oregon. It was an amazing trip!! So many beautiful and unique places... and so many pictures!! Hence the need for multiple blogs!

One of our first stops was Craters of the Moon in Idaho. We spent half a day here on our way through to Oregon. This area of Idaho is amazingly unique and beautiful. Neither of us had ever traveled through Idaho and are so glad we had a chance to stop and see this neat place. 

"The surface of the moon as seen through a telescope" is how the area was described by geologist Harold T Stearns in 1923. The area was preserved in 1906 by President Calvin Coolidge to keep it "a weird and scenic landscape, peculiar to itself".

Unlike the moon, whose craters are mostly created by meteorite impacts, Craters of the Moon is mostly formed through volcanic origin. The vast amounts of lava are not from one volcano but a series of deep fissures known as the Great Rift that cross the Snake River Plain. Geologists predict that there will be future events and so the landscape you see in the pictures will most likely change someday to something just as unique as it is today!

We drove the 7 mile loop road and hiked up Infernos Cone which was spectacular. We also checked out the spatter cones and Devils Orchard(an area of lava fragments that stand in a sea of cinders). One of the highlights for both of us was hiking through the various lava caves. The caves are created from lava tubes which are formed when the lava is flowing and the outside of the flow hardens while the inside keeps moving leaving a hollow tunnel. There are 5 that are open to the public and we managed to see 3 of them... Dewdrop Cave, Indian Tunnel and Beauty Cave. As you will see in the pictures the ceiling of some of the caves have large holes which were caused when the the ceiling weakened and caved in. Another neat thing about the caves is the presence of bats** unfortunately we didn't see any though we did hear them in the Indian Tunnel. 

All in all we would definitely recommend a trip to Craters of the Moon! It was a fantastic way to start our 2 week road trip! Stay tuned for our next blog! Happy Travels and Trails!

** We had to check in to the visitor center before entering the caves because they wanted to make sure you have not visited any other caves recently and would possibly be transporting White Nose Bat Syndrome which is decimating bat populations and endangering a number of bat species. While reading the info on bats we found it very interesting that apparently windmills on windmill farms are also one of the biggest things also killing off bat populations along with a number of bird species. 



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SoulEquals https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/10/soulequals We finally decided to do our own little selfie portrait session. We have hardly any photos of us together so its always fun to do something a little different, create some memories, and have a fun time. The day was one of those lovely fall days that you just hope never ends. I (Danielle) was nominated to do the tripod set up and timer... its surprising I didn't end up flat on my face because I only had 10 secs to dash into the photo!! And any of our friends and family know that I am notoriously clumsy so that was a feat in and of itself! Todd thought it was all quite humorous! We were happy with the results and they captured the day perfectly!





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Jenny, Noel and Cole {Family, Birds Hill Provincial Park, MB} https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/10/jenny-noel-and-cole-family-birds-hill-provincial-park-mb Had a fantastic time with these three! Its always fun doing photos with them...lots of laughs and good times! Cole was super excited to be taking photos in the forest and it was the perfect place to capture some wonderful memories!

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North of the 54 https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/north-of-the-54 Northern Manitoba is where both of us have our roots and we try to get back at least once a year to remain grounded and feel the peace that is the north. There is something very special about the Canadian Shield and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts no matter where our travels take us. The calming call of loons, the wind in the spruce trees, the smell of the the earth, sound of the water against the shore, dancing northern lights to name of a few of the amazing things that make up this area. We could go on and on but really you just have to visit it to really understand the feeling you get being there. Most of the pictures are from the surrounding areas of Flin Flon/Bakers Narrows Provincial Park(Danielle's hometown) and Snow Lake/Wekusko Falls Provincial Park(Todd's hometown). We spent quite a bit of time on Athapapuskow Lake and Snow Lake and there were so many pictures that it was hard to select only a few. Hopefully you enjoy these small snapshots of the wildness of the north and that you get a chance someday to visit this amazing area! 


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Rushing River Provincial Park, Ontario https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/rushing-river-provincial-park-ontario We spent our 3rd Wedding Anniversary doing a little road trip to Kenora, Ontario and Rushing River Provincial Park, Ontario... somewhere neither of us had ever been before. We stopped in Kenora for lunch at the Lake of the Woods brewery... Which is fantastic by the way and we highly recommend trying it out if you are out that way!! Continuing on from there we stopped at Rushing River Provincial Park for a few hours... such a lovely spot. So peaceful and relaxing! Its a campground and even though there were plenty of people around it did not seem busy or crowded. The river flows out of Dogtooth Lake which is a fairly large lake of which we only saw a small portion. It was a beautiful drive and both of us really enjoyed our day away and certainly recommend a trip out that way! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Cheers!





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Brokenhead Wetland Trail, Manitoba https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/7/brokenhead-wetland-trail-manitoba The Brokenhead Wetland Trail is relatively new and was completed and officially opened on June 22 of this year. It is a very special and unique eco system and is one of the rarest natural communities in Manitoba. The trail takes you through a balsam fir forest, a white cedar swamp and then ends in a fen. It is home to many of the provinces rarest plants and is a place of cultural significance to the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. The Brokenhead Ojibway Nation has used the area for more then 300 years to collect plants for medicinal and ceremonial use. The Brokenhead Wetland is part of Lake Winnipeg's watershed and plays a huge part in filtering the water that enters the lake. The trail is 4km from start to finish. Stay on the trail and no pets are allowed due to the delicate nature of the area.  Make sure to take time to listen to the birds, watch for wildlife and spend a few moments smelling the cedars. Feel the connection to the earth around you!


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Tulabi Falls, Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/5/tulabi-falls-nopiming-provincial-park-manitoba Tulabi Falls is approximately 2 hrs north east of Winnipeg in the beautiful Nopiming Provincial Park. Nopiming means "Entrance to the wilderness"  in the Anishinabe language and is a perfect name for this amazing park as it is wonderfully remote. Access to the park is on HWYs 314 and 315 which are both gravel. It is in the heart of the Canadian Shield and is dotted with lots of lakes, rivers, trees and granite rock. The park also has an amazing system of canoe routes and back country camping sites. It reminded us so much of growing up in Flin Flon and Snow Lake. We have only done one day trip there and have already fallen in love with it! 

Tulabi Falls is so far the only part of the park we have explored. The falls are between Tulabi Lake and the Bird River which ultimately flows into Bird Lake. There is a nice little campground nestled right beside the falls and there are a few back country sites about a 45 min hike away on the shores of Tulabi Lake. It was so quite and peaceful the day we were there... it was before camping season opened so we were the only ones that had hiked into the campground. Zeus had a great time as well! And seemed quite happy following us around while we took pictures as long as he had a chance to splash around in the lake. Looking forward to many more months ahead of day tripping. Happy Hiking everyone! 




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Rainbow Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/3/rainbow-fall-whiteshell-provincial-park-mb We both needed a nature day filled with peace and quiet so decided to take a little day trip out to Whiteshell Provincial Park. Its such a beautiful area and reminds us both of our roots back home in the North. I(Danielle) certainly struggle with city living and a day trip like this is just what I need to quiet my soul. Zeus also joined in our little excursion and as per usual had the time of his life sniffing everything and splashing around in the water. He is a very patient boy giving us enough time to snap a couple pictures before he whines to tell us he is done with this picture taking thing and its time to move on!! There are so many beautiful places in the Whiteshell and our journey this time took us to Rainbow Falls. It was a perfect day and little pops of green were showing up all around. Even without leaves on the trees it was gorgeous. Can't wait to take a trip back in the summer and see what a different season brings. Cheers to the year ahead!


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Hiemal https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/2/hiemal Hiemal : Adjective :of or relating to Winter{Wintry} :Latin hiemalis, from hiem-, hiems winter + -alis -al 

Thought the word Hiemal seemed very fitting for this blog! Winter often brings up thoughts of crackling fires, reading books, crisp winter air and the most amazing blue skies! This blog is a collection of photos over the past two months showing the fantastic beauty of winter! We have been a bit spoiled this year with the very mild tempertures. Its made for some tremendous days of skiing, snowshoeing and hiking! Hopefully these pictures inspire you to get out and enjoy the last bit of winter we have!!

Most of the pictures were taken at The Forks and Birds Hill Provincial Park. 







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Pine Point Rapids, Manitoba and Pinawa Dam, Manitoba https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/pine-point-rapids-mb-and-pinawa-dam-mb We did a little day trip to Pine Point Rapids in Whiteshell Provincial Park and the Pinawa Dam. It was a beautiful day! The weather was perfect and unseasonably warm for a Manitoba winter but you will not hear us complaining at all! It was nice not to have to bundle up too much... makes for easier picture taking. Pine Point Rapids is about a 5 km round trip, certainly worth making the hike in. We didn't have too much snow yet so it made the walk a bit easier. During the winter months it is used as a cross country ski trail, which would make for a beautiful day of skiing. There was just the right amount of snow and ice to make for some unique and stunning shots. 

We also did a quick stop at the Pinawa Dam... also a really neat place to stop if you are out that way! The old dam has some really interesting architecture and there was a beautiful layer of frost on the plants and along the edges of the water. Its not a long hike into the dam but there are lots of paths and bridges in the area that make for a beautiful walk!

It was a wonderful day all in all and its always nice to get out into the peace and stillness of nature! Enjoy!


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Favorites of 2015 https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/favorites-of-2015 We had intended on posting this in December 2015 but it was a very hectic month with Todd having surgery and our computer having some issues! But everyone and everything is back up and running perfectly! We have decided to do a favorites of 2015... this was very difficult but we managed to each narrow down three or four pictures from each blog. It seems like a perfect overview of our first year of doing blogs. We have both immensely enjoyed sharing our passion and love of photography with everyone. Thank you so much for all the positive comments... we love hearing from you all! Hope you enjoy this collection of photos! Cheers to 2016 and stay posted for another blog this month!


{Wintery Beauty-Feb 2015}


{Glacier National Park, Montana-March 2015}


{Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming-April 2015}


{Banff National Park, Alberta-May 2015}


{Tiny Gems-June2015}


{Exchange District and Waterfront Area, Winnipeg, MB-July 2015}

{Lake Winnipeg, MB-August 2015}

{Yoho National Park/Banff National Park, Alberta-Sept 2015}


{Kaleidoscope of Colours-October 2015}

{Indigo Skies-November 2015}

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Indigo Skies https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/indigo-skies “I do not want to sleep
for fear I might miss the twinkle of the brightest star
for fear I may never know
how the moon glimmers, in the darkest hour.” 
― Sanober KhanA touch, a tear, a tempest


This blog is something we have really been looking forward to sharing! We started delving into astrophotography this fall... its been an amazing experience! This has challenged us both and we have learned so much. We will most certainly be adding more to our astrophotography section so keep checking back for more. The awesomeness of being able to stand in the quiet and stare up at the skies is hard to put into words. We hope this blog stirs something inside you to take those moments to just be still and marvel at the earth around you! 

As a side note all these pictures are from southern Manitoba.... most of them are from the eastern part of the province around Vivian MB and East Braintree MB. Enjoy!



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Amanda and James {Engagement, Winnipeg, MB} https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/amanda-and-james-engagement-winnipeg-mb Here are some beautiful pictures of this lovely couple! Had lots of fun capturing these moments. Congrats Amanda and James on your engagement and happy wedding planning! Enjoy!

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Noel, Jenny and Cole {Family, Winnipeg, MB} https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/noel-jenny-and-cole-family-portraits-winnipeg-mb Had a fantastic time doing this fun family photo shoot! Lots of laughs and special moments. Cole is such a handsome little guy and managed to stand still for a few moments to get some great pictures :)

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Rachel {Portraits, Birds Hill Provincial Park, MB} https://hawmanphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/10/rachel-portraits---birds-hill-provincial-park-mb Had lots of fun capturing some beautiful moments this past weekend! Always lots of fun doing photo shoots with Rachel! Here are a few from our session, it was hard to pick just a few.  Enjoy!


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