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January 12, 2015  •  3 Comments

Hi! So we are totally new at this blog thing... and are slowly getting the hang of it. We think this will be a wonderful way of showing the beautiful landscape we come across in our travels! Here are a few of the places we have been in the past couple years.... We are sharing a small sample of our photos in this blog and plan to blog each month about one of the wild places we have visited. There are so many extraordinarily beautiful places we have seen and many more we plan to visit! For me(Danielle) looking back at these photos brings back some wonderful memories... and I hope looking at them inspires everyone of you to seek out the wild and beautiful places close to home and far away.  We love to hear comments and would love to hear about places you have been... Enjoy!


I found it hard to pick any one picture as a favorite. Very good work by both of you.
On your About page you said, "We hope our photos make you feel like you traveled with us on our journeys and inspire you to get out there and enjoy the beauty around you! "
You've done a wonderful job of sharing your journeys via the cameral lens. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us. Looking forward to more ... :-)
I love it. I knew you were artistic but had no idea how much so!! I love the dragon fly. Do you do photos for sale?
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