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Wintery Beauty

February 09, 2015  •  6 Comments

I was debating for awhile if I should share some summer photos or do a winter theme... and I decided on a winter theme! I figured why not enjoy the beauty there is in this cold time of the year. Getting out and enjoying winter is often a bit more of a challenge but is so worth the effort of bundling up! If we don't get out and enjoy it we are missing out on some amazing and priceless moments that this season has to offer. Hopefully with these photos it inspires everyone to see the beauty of winter and get out there and enjoy it!

We took an excursion to the Fort Whyte Center and Birds Hill Provincial Park. It was fun to get out and capture some of the wildlife in both locations. The chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and squirrels were quite entertaining to watch... At the Fort Whyte Center there were probably 8 squirrels trying to eat the seeds the birds were dropping from the feeders.. and one even made it onto the feeder. Hope you enjoy the photos!!



I could comment on each photo but I'll control myself:-) You captured the day perfectly. Wish I had been there!
Some great pictures but two caught my attention. The one with the chickadee with the seed in it's mouth appears to be looking at the camera. Also the one with the Christmas ornaments where you can see the reflection of someone taking the picture.
Margie Harris(non-registered)
i recognize the Birds Hill trails Todd and I love it. Beautiful. We are going through a Pineapple Express here in Vancouver and would trade it for a day in Birds Hill.
These are absolutely beautiful!
Jenny Martin(non-registered)
Love these pictures. I am so happy you put some winter pictures up. Love the one with the yellow bird feeder.
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