HawmanWilson Photography | Exchange District and Waterfront Area, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Exchange District and Waterfront Area, Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 24, 2015  •  2 Comments

This is a bit different then most of our scenery shots but we decided to mix it up. We love old architecture so thought this would be a lovely area to photograph. Of course there are many buildings and murals that we didn't get pictures of so we may just need to do a second blog in the future. There are so many amazing places in Winnipeg and such history surrounding much of the downtown area. The exchange and waterfront area of Winnipeg is one of our personal favorites. We love the old architecture mixed with the new... gives it a neat feel. And mixing some black and white photos in gives it an authentic feel. And because the Fringe Festival was going on during July all the colourful posters really gave the area a pop of colour! Enjoy! 



Very nice pictures
Cheryl Turnbull(non-registered)
Love your pictures. See so many that could have been taken here in Victoria. Chances are you would really enjoy taking pictures here - Historic bldgx (same as Wpg) and the ocean scenes.
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