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Favorites of 2015

January 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

We had intended on posting this in December 2015 but it was a very hectic month with Todd having surgery and our computer having some issues! But everyone and everything is back up and running perfectly! We have decided to do a favorites of 2015... this was very difficult but we managed to each narrow down three or four pictures from each blog. It seems like a perfect overview of our first year of doing blogs. We have both immensely enjoyed sharing our passion and love of photography with everyone. Thank you so much for all the positive comments... we love hearing from you all! Hope you enjoy this collection of photos! Cheers to 2016 and stay posted for another blog this month!


{Wintery Beauty-Feb 2015}


{Glacier National Park, Montana-March 2015}


{Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming-April 2015}


{Banff National Park, Alberta-May 2015}


{Tiny Gems-June2015}


{Exchange District and Waterfront Area, Winnipeg, MB-July 2015}

{Lake Winnipeg, MB-August 2015}

{Yoho National Park/Banff National Park, Alberta-Sept 2015}


{Kaleidoscope of Colours-October 2015}

{Indigo Skies-November 2015}


You both make me proud! What a great range of excellent photographs - I'd be only too happy to have created any one of them. Keep up the awesome work & never forget to "see" the next photograph everywhere you look.
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