HawmanWilson Photography | Tulabi Falls, Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba

Tulabi Falls, Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba

May 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Tulabi Falls is approximately 2 hrs north east of Winnipeg in the beautiful Nopiming Provincial Park. Nopiming means "Entrance to the wilderness"  in the Anishinabe language and is a perfect name for this amazing park as it is wonderfully remote. Access to the park is on HWYs 314 and 315 which are both gravel. It is in the heart of the Canadian Shield and is dotted with lots of lakes, rivers, trees and granite rock. The park also has an amazing system of canoe routes and back country camping sites. It reminded us so much of growing up in Flin Flon and Snow Lake. We have only done one day trip there and have already fallen in love with it! 

Tulabi Falls is so far the only part of the park we have explored. The falls are between Tulabi Lake and the Bird River which ultimately flows into Bird Lake. There is a nice little campground nestled right beside the falls and there are a few back country sites about a 45 min hike away on the shores of Tulabi Lake. It was so quite and peaceful the day we were there... it was before camping season opened so we were the only ones that had hiked into the campground. Zeus had a great time as well! And seemed quite happy following us around while we took pictures as long as he had a chance to splash around in the lake. Looking forward to many more months ahead of day tripping. Happy Hiking everyone! 





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