HawmanWilson Photography | Brokenhead Wetland Trail, Manitoba

Brokenhead Wetland Trail, Manitoba

July 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

The Brokenhead Wetland Trail is relatively new and was completed and officially opened on June 22 of this year. It is a very special and unique eco system and is one of the rarest natural communities in Manitoba. The trail takes you through a balsam fir forest, a white cedar swamp and then ends in a fen. It is home to many of the provinces rarest plants and is a place of cultural significance to the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. The Brokenhead Ojibway Nation has used the area for more then 300 years to collect plants for medicinal and ceremonial use. The Brokenhead Wetland is part of Lake Winnipeg's watershed and plays a huge part in filtering the water that enters the lake. The trail is 4km from start to finish. Stay on the trail and no pets are allowed due to the delicate nature of the area.  Make sure to take time to listen to the birds, watch for wildlife and spend a few moments smelling the cedars. Feel the connection to the earth around you!



Wanda Cline(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful! Capturing Mother Nature at her best.
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