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North of the 54

September 01, 2016  •  5 Comments

Northern Manitoba is where both of us have our roots and we try to get back at least once a year to remain grounded and feel the peace that is the north. There is something very special about the Canadian Shield and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts no matter where our travels take us. The calming call of loons, the wind in the spruce trees, the smell of the the earth, sound of the water against the shore, dancing northern lights to name of a few of the amazing things that make up this area. We could go on and on but really you just have to visit it to really understand the feeling you get being there. Most of the pictures are from the surrounding areas of Flin Flon/Bakers Narrows Provincial Park(Danielle's hometown) and Snow Lake/Wekusko Falls Provincial Park(Todd's hometown). We spent quite a bit of time on Athapapuskow Lake and Snow Lake and there were so many pictures that it was hard to select only a few. Hopefully you enjoy these small snapshots of the wildness of the north and that you get a chance someday to visit this amazing area! 



Leone Jackson(non-registered)
These are all incredible photos, enjoyed every one. You look great Todd, it has been a long time, hope life is treating you well
Judy Franke(non-registered)
Thanks for the trip back home. I was absolutely captivated by your photos especially the falls, the loon and the lightening.
Gwen Foord(non-registered)
Love that I recognize most of these places. You have captured them exquisitely!
Martha Verhoek(non-registered)
Wanda Cline
Beautiful pictures of the north. You can feel the peace and serenity just looking at them. My favorites are the loon and the lightning. Although the pink cloud and some of the views across the water speak to my heart. I will always love the north, its sounds and smells. Well done you two.
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