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Mount Hood & Tamanawas Falls, Oregon

January 19, 2017  •  1 Comment

We woke up very early on the 4th morning of our trip to more rain(which again made hiking to some of the waterfalls in the Gorge a bit dangerous especially the Oneonta Falls Hike-next blog!). We were still camping in the Columbia Gorge area and figured it was a good day to venture a bit south of the Gorge into the Mt. Hood area... which as you will see from the pictures is spectacular!! We had a good camping breakfast of oatmeal and fruit and packed up Pearl and headed out on the road. As soon as we were out of the Columbia Gorge area and around the south side of Mt Hood it completely cleared off and was beautifully sunny. The temperature was quite a bit chillier on this side of the mountain so we donned our tuques and mitts and headed out on the Tamanawas Falls Trail(3.6 miles round trip). I know we always claim every spot is beautiful and amazing... but honestly this trail by far is one of the more beautiful hikes we have done and was absolutely gorgeous! ** Definitely mark this one on the Bucketlist!! The first part of the trail wound along the side of some pretty steep terrain and slowly made its way up the side of the hill. The whole area is quite hilly and steep. We could hear the stream not long after we started the trail but didn't actually see it for about 20min. Eventually the trail went back down the other side of the hill and we came out at the creek. There was a little bridge to get across to the other side and then you headed off towards the falls following the creek the rest of the way. This part of the trail started climbing again while continuing to follow the creek. At points the trail was quite high above the creek but you could always hear it and we found the sounds of the creek quite calming and beautiful. Because we were still on Manitoba time and up at the crack of dawn it was quite early when we ended up on the trail and we were the first and only ones for most of the hike. We met up with a few other groups, one was a group of 8 retirees who seemed to be having quite a great time and were laughing and joking. The other group was a couple with their approx 2-3 year old son. We were so happy to see parents instilling a love of hiking and nature in him at such a young age... and he was doing quite well and seemed very happy. Eventually we arrived at the falls and it was breathtaking! Pictures don't do it justice in our opinion but hopefully our pictures capture enough of it to inspire you to hike there and see it in person. We took a video of it and hopefully I can get it posted one day... the thundering of the water is hard to describe. The power of water always amazes me! By this point it had started to warm up and Todd was finally awake(because as most know- Todd is not a morning person!! Thankfully he was awake enough to hike on his own and didn't have to be carried! lol :)). We headed back to the van(Pearl) to have lunch and continued on to Trillium Lake. 

We arrived at Trillium Lake early in the afternoon. There were some clouds in the sky which obscured full views of Mt Hood but we still caught glimpses of it through breaks in the clouds. It was a beautiful afternoon there and I(Danielle) was super excited to see a couple of Whiskey Jacks(one of my favorite birds) and a salamander. It was definitely a high light in the day for me. There were quite a few people enjoying the day at Trillium Lake and many were fishing along the shores. It was getting late in the day so we decided to continue on back to the Columbia Gorge.

We travelled west through Rhododendron and Sandy, Oregon. This was a beautiful drive and we stopped in Rhododendron at a cute little coffee shop called Mt. Hood Roasters. This place had the best Mocha Todd had ever tasted and all I heard about for the rest of the trip(10ish days) was how amazing this Mocha was!! Pretty sure Todd would drive back to Oregon just so he could go to Mt Hood Roasters again!! :) The Chai Latte I had was also amazing! Highly recommend stopping here if you are ever in the Mt. Hood area... it is just a tiny little place but so cool. The lady that owns it roasts her own coffee beans on site and while we were waiting for our drinks she chatted with us while she was roasting the next batch. It was so neat!! It was the perfect end to an absolutely amazing day! Hope our pictures capture the beauty of this area and that you definitely mark this spot on your travel list. Cheers and Happy Travels!


Wanda Cline(non-registered)
Amazing. The greenery catches my eye. The water looks cold and so clear. What beautiful pictures. I am so glad you did not hurt your back Danielle, while carrying half-asleep Todd. Now I truly see why you two head out on these hiking adventures. Such peace and closeness to Mother Nature. Keep up the great work.
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