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Portland & The Japanese Garden, Oregon

January 09, 2017  •  1 Comment

The second installment of our Oregon Trip takes us to Portland Oregon.  This was the 3rd day of our trip and we awoke very early on the morning of Sept 6th, 2016 to find it was pouring rain. Which should be expected considering we were van camping just outside of Portland Oregon in the Columbia Gorge which is a temperate rain forest. You will understand that after looking through the photos... everything out there is so lush and green! It was amazing! Our plan that day was to have been checking out all the waterfalls along the Scenic Highway just east of Portland (this will be another blog!!) But waking up to pouring rain we decided to drive into Portland and check out the city and stop at the Portland Japanese Garden. First things first that day was having a nice warm shower at the campground... we didn't know when we might see another shower!! This is the one challenge when living out of a van... After that the rain had still not let up and we were Portland bound in our trusty Pearl(van).  

Portland is an amazing city! We could not get over how many people bike and how well the city was set up for cycling. It was quite neat to see and hopefully one day to see more of here in Canada, specifically Manitoba. Most of our time was spent on the west side of Portland in the Beaverton/Hillside/Downtown area. It seemed to be a fairly easy city to get around in and I(Danielle) was nominated to be the map reader and navigator and  may have only gotten us lost once which is pretty good since Portland is a pretty busy place!! The only part of Portland that was hard for me(Danielle) was the amount of people... being an introvert anywhere with more then one person seems busy! But seeing the amazing architecture and gardens made it all worth it. Would be nice to someday spend a bit more time here and explore more of the city and some of the neat little shops and cafes. 

On to The Garden...The Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional Japanese garden occupying 5.5 acres, located within Washington Park in the West Hills of Portland. This quote is on the website describing the gardens...

"A Japanese Garden is not only a place for the cultivation of trees and flowering shrubs, but one that provides secluded leisure, rest, repose, meditation, and sentimental pleasure...

The Garden speaks to all the senses, not just to the mind alone."

Professor Takuma Tono
Designer of the Portland Japanese Garden

The quote certainly sums up the Garden perfectly.

It was an amazing place... photos just do not do it justice but we hope that our photos help to capture even just a bit of the feeling of the place. It was truly a peaceful space. And even though it was fairly busy it seemed calm and meditative. Below is a picture of the Heavenly Falls which is the largest in the garden. There are also numerous stone lanterns, a beautiful fish pond, Sand & Stone Garden and the Moonbridge. There is absolutely no walking off the trails but the way it is set up there is really no need to. Everything is perfectly set up to see the entire area from the paths. Definitely a place we would recommend adding to the travel list if you are ever in the Portland area.

Our day ended at the beautiful little Wyatt Campground which was back in the Columbia Gorge near the Scenic Highway. Todd was able to try out a cigar that he had purchased that day and was nominated with the task of making supper on our trusty little campstove. While I(Danielle) wondered around hugging trees and most likely talking to them (with Todd rolling his eyes behind my back). And of course taking pictures of our cute little hippie sleeping van Pearl. Pearl has been on some amazing adventures with us and hopefully she will be around for awhile yet to enjoy a few more! It was a fantastic way to end day 3 of our 2 week road trip!



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Great blog. Love the humor! Beautiful artistic picture taking. I laughed at the size of that cigar though. Should have lasted a week! Keep up the great picture taking.
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